Hello everyone and welcome to the very first in edition of Pro Wrestling Diehardz blog page. I hope with
this page to give you not only the best results happening in the world of pro wrestling, but also give you
my unique perspective on the business as well. In my opening article I would like to give you a look into
my life and tell you what I believe was the greatest day of my life. Believe it or not it was pro wrestling

Fight Night

The day was July 8 th , 1996. I was at one of My cousin’s baseball games when my uncle sat right next to
me and told me something that Hulk Hogan did the night before. He said in a snarky kind of way that
Hogan had formed something called the New World Order. At this time in my life, I was like any other
kid growing up in the Midwest. I watched WWF instead of WCW, so this revelation was not important to
me. Also, around this time, one week later as a matter of fact, I would be in the most magical place on
Earth, Walt Disney World.
Now I remember the greatest day of my life very vividly. During the day, the plan was to go to Disney’s
Hollywood Studios. I also knew from watching the week before that WCW Monday Nitro was being
filmed there. Now the plan was to go to the theme park and watch the show from outside of the place
that they were filming. I can still remember someone in my family saying “It’s just WCW. If we don’t get
to see it, it’s no big deal. I think this family member said this because at the time WCW was not as
popular in America as the WWF. In fact, you could argue that outside of the southeast part of the
country, very few people watched WCW. In the days and weeks to come, that would all change. Long
story short, I would be able to watch WCW from the very first row.
I honestly still don’t know how it all went down. When you’re a little kid, it seems like you forget all the
details of how things happen. That was basically me that night. I can still remember how unbelievably
close I was to the ring as I watched this unbelievable night of pro wrestling. If you are a hardcore
wrestling fan, you would remember that night as the first night that Hulk Hogan showed up in all black.
This is the reason that I call this night historic. When the NWO was in its hay day, they seem to always
beat someone up at the end of Nitro. The night I went was no exception. I vividly remember Lex Luger
being beat up and being thrown out of the ring. Luger landed right at my feet and I could see just how
large of a man he was. The night I went to Monday Night Nitro was arguably a historic night in
professional wrestling history and a night that I will never forget.

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